Student Loan Forgiveness in Florida

In 2018, Florida is a great place to live, and not only because of its fantastic weather, incredible sights and Disneyworld, but also because it a couple of really strong student loan forgiveness programs for residents who are buried in college loan debt.

Before we proceed, let me make one thing clear: the forgiveness programs mentioned on this page are offered exclusively to residents of Florida, from the state itself. If you don’t qualify for one of these programs, don’t worry, because there are still all sorts of additional Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, and even Private Student Loan Forgiveness Programs available across the country.

With that said, anyone who lives in the Sunshine State and is struggling with student loans should pay attention, because Florida’s student loan forgiveness programs offer exceptional benefits to those who qualify for the programs.

If you want to receive student loan forgiveness in Florida, review this entire article for each of the programs currently on offer, making sure to pay close attention to the Eligibility rules, and Application Procedures so you can determine which program suits you best.

But Before We Get Started…

Before I explain how student loan forgiveness works in Florida, first let me introduce you to the concept that the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to wipe out your student loans will be paying an expert to review your case and advise you about how to handle your loans.

Why would I suggest spending hundreds of dollars on a review? Because only a debt expert will be able to determine which Forgiveness, Discharge, Cancellation or Consolidation program will actually work best for you.

While you may need to spend a couple hundred bucks for their advice, it could stand to save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your loan.

But there’s only one company I trust to provide advice to my readers, and that’s the Student Loan Relief Helpline. The Helpline is staffed by true debt experts, people who live and breathe student loans, and who can ensure you’re taking the path of least resistance to becoming debt free.

To find out How to Wipe Out Your Student Debt as quickly and cheaply as possible, call the Student Loan Relief Helpline now at: 1-888-906-3065.

The Florida Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program

The Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program offers up to $4,000 a year for 4 years in student loan forgiveness. The Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program was created to encourage people to get their degrees in nursing, then work as nurses in critical shortage areas throughout the state.

Eligibility Rules

  • You must be licensed as an LPN, RN, or ARNP in the state of Florida
  • You must have loans incurred toward a nursing education
  • You must work full-time at one of the designated employment sites established in Section 1009.66, Florida Statutes

How to Apply

  • Find the official program application here:

The Florida Loan Repayment Assistance Programs for Lawyers

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (Florida LRAP) offers student loan forgiveness benefits of up to $5,000 per year, simply for working as an attorney in a qualifying position. This program was created to enhance recruitment and retention of legal aid and legal services staff at organizations who receive support and funding from the Florida Bar Foundation.

Eligibility Rules

  • You must remain employed full-time or part-time (at least 50% FTE) for 12 months at a Florida legal aid or legal services organization that receives funding from the Florida Bar Foundation

How to Apply

  • Find the official program application here:

Will I Owe Taxes on My Forgiven Debt

Anyone who receives student loan forgiveness is going to end up getting taxed on the forgiven amount, as the IRS considers loan forgiveness to be a form of taxable income.

The way this works is that if you receive $10,000 in student loans forgiveness, you’ll need to add that $10,000 to whatever amount of money you actually made for the year, and then pay taxes on your normal income, plus the additional $10,000.

This can may lead to major financial disruptions for people who have been barely scraping by making steady, small monthly payments toward their student loans, but who now owe a large lump sum payment to the IRS.

Fortunately, there are ways to structure your IRS debt to make it more affordable, and I’ve created a website called Forget Tax Debt to help you understand how that process works. If you’re having trouble with the IRS and back taxes, be sure to visit Forget Tax Debt today, where you’ll get detailed information about topics like Avoiding IRS Phone Scams, Filing and Paying IRS Back Taxes, or enrolling in an IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness Program.

Where Can I Go For Other Questions?

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If you have further questions about FL student loan forgiveness benefits, please post your questions in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to get you a response within 24 hours.

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